Healthy Snacks!

I don’t mean to sound like your parents here, but eating healthy is REALLY important! And here’s the truth: Healthy snacks are just as good as that bag of Doritos. Here are some fun ways to jazz up healthy snacks:

  • Instead of grabbing a bag of Cheez-Its, have some cheese and crackers!
  • Instead of a “healthy” granola bar (which are really packed with sugar), have some almonds!
  • Instead of Ice Cream, treat yourself to a homemade greek yogurt parfait!
  • Instead of sugary bagged popcorn, have some corn nuts! (Or have some plain popcorn with a sprinkling of salt.)
  • Instead of Fruit Gummies, have some dried mango! It’s just as sweet!
  • Instead of chocolate or candy bars, have some pretzels.
  • Instead of sugary packaged cookies, have some toast with butter, and a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar.

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