Chocolate Fondue!

I know that I told you to have healthy snacks, but don’t we all need some sugar sometimes? This fondue is easy, and delicious! 


1. About 1/2 pack of chocolate chips

2. Cocoa powder

3. Milk

4. 1/2 stick butter

5. Mini Marshmallows

6. Your favorite foods to dip (Suggestions: Marshmallows, frozen waffles, chocolate chip cookies, strawberries, orange slices)

7. Toothpicks

Make it:

  • Put the chocolate, butter and 2 tsp. of the cocoa powder in a small/medium saucepan, and put on medium heat. When the butter starts melting, turn to low heat. Stir.
  • Add some marshmallows and stir some more. If it is too thick, add 1 more tsp. cocoa powder.
  • Add about 1/8-1/4 cup sugar, and stir until thick-ish. There will probably be some liquidy stuff that is not mixing in. In that case, add a splash of milk.
  • When it is the right consistency, take it off heat, put in in a bowl, and add one last splash of milk. Mix.
  • Use toothpicks to pick up your foods and dip it in the chocolate. (Suggestion: Make a shish-kebab on a toothpick with a mini marshmallow, a little slice of orange, a piece of waffle, and then another marshmallow, and swirl on some chocolate.)
  • YUM!
  • If you want you can keep the dip in the fridge to harden, and you can melt it when you need it. Or turn it into fudge!
    chocolat fondue

    chocolate fondue by couldntbeparve on flickr.


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