Smitten Kitchen Update and Report Card :)

Remember that post I made ALLLLL the way back in September, when we were innocent little people going back to school after shopping sprees at Staples? The one about the Smitten Kitchen Project? Well, if you don’t, here’s a recap. I am cooking every single recipe in my idol, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook! (Inspired by the movie Julie&Julia. Watch it. Now. Haha JK. But seriously. I’ve cooked 11 recipes so far, (A little pathetic, I know. I’ve been busy, gimme a break.) all from the Breakfast section. It has 17 recipes, and the meat section has 11 ;). Most important meal of the day, right? Here is the full commentary, much better than last time’s rushed affair. BTW, the photos were all taken by me! Shall we?

Grade guide: A,B,C,D,F for taste: E (easy), M (medium), A (amateur), H (hard), for level of strength needed

PEACH AND SOURCREAM PANCAKES: (sorry, no photo). A-, E. These were easy to pull of and delish. The butter caramelizes the peaches..mmm…mmm. My only regret was that they didn’t look magically appetizing.

CINNAMON TOAST FRENCH TOAST: (photo later). A+, M. These were pretty easy. And the most heavenly bite of breakfast. Ever. I wonder why I haven’t made it again. Save it for Sunday mornings, though, because it takes a while, and I recommend soaking it the custard extra long for great flavor.

GINGERBREAD SPICE DUTCH BABY: (no photo). A-, E. These were SUPER DUPER EASY PEASY. Literally, 5 minutes to make batter, 15 minutes in the oven. Done, done and done. Dutch babies are one of my all-time favorite breakfasts, and this disappointed me a bit. My friend’s family’s recipe is much better, in my opinion. The spices are great, though.

PLUM-POPPY SEED MUFFINS:  A+, M. Yes, I was skeptical, too. Lemon-poppy seed is perfectly fine, right? Or so I thought before I made these heavenly muffins. Never make any other kind again. Just kidding, but these are fantastic. Double the recipe, ’cause these babies fly fast.

Finally, a photo!

Finally, a photo!

WHOLE WHEAT RASPBERRY RICOTTA SCONES: (sorry, no photo–they were sold at a lemonade stand) B-, M. These were not the easiest, and, dare I say, not really worth it. I sold them at a lemonade stand, and the fresh blueberry lemonade sold much faster than these. They were OK, but didn’t turn out as well as they looked in the book.


One of the best recipes I've kidding.

One of the best recipes I’ve tried…no kidding.

A+, A. These are moderately hard, but any experienced chef can do it, and with guidance, this is a piece of cake. These are also amazingly incredibly fantastically exquisitely delicious. Everyone I shared them with was obsessed. These things are killer. I would double it for extras, though. You’re gonna want them. They looked great with turbinado sugar on top, and I recommend making mini ones, smaller than NYC street pretzels, but a lot bigger than bagged ones. The stand mixer I was using at my grandma’s house broke down while I was making these, and it worked with a hand mixer. Put these at the tippy top of your list.


Sorry for the bad quality...

Sorry for the bad quality…

A, E. I was a bit skeptical at first, to be honest. Breakfast bars are weird to make and who eats them anyway? You will, when you’re done with these. I’d rather them a bit chewier, but these are definitely a must, and one of the easiest recipes in this book.


Sorry, this is from the book, but I was too lazy on a Sunday morning to get out my camera. It was so...far. (not really, but we've all been there ;))

Sorry, this is from the book, but I was too lazy on a Sunday morning to get out my camera. It was so…far. (not really, but we’ve all been there)

A-, M.This disappointed me a bit, because it was a little liquidy, but all in all was great. Served with yogurt, it was sublime. Pretty easy, too, I’d say.


A big jar (one of two, mind you) of delish granola. Mmm mmmm.

A big jar (one of two, mind you) of delish granola. Mmm mmmm.

A+, E. This was superb and easy. I swear, my mother ate the entire jar. It made two large mason jars, which gave my family yummy homemade cereal for about a week! It also took about 10 minutes to prep, plus baking time. Awesome.


Yummm. Notice the cute star shaped one that I made with a cookie cutter. Adorable ;)

Yummm. Notice the cute star shaped one that I made with a cookie cutter. Adorable 😉

A, M. Just letting you know: biscuits are majorly easy. Yes, you heard right. I was surprised too. Biscuits? AHHH! I was thinking. But lemme tell you. These are easy and fabulous. Save these for a free period, because bacon takes FOREVER to cook. These were a little too salty-bacony for me, but everyone else loved them, so I figured I could deal. (See “Tip From Kid Kitchen”, 2013:


These are small big breakfast latkes. With a fried egg on top...I think I've found heaven.

These are small big breakfast latkes. With a fried egg on top…I think I’ve found heaven.

A, A. (haha double a) I’m a die-hard latke fan, and who wants to wait for Hanukkah? So, I was pretty psyched to make these, and my whole family thought the idea of putting a fried egg on top pretty much classified Deb Perelman as a genius. (Of course, I already knew that.) The only problem with these is they took a super long time and didn’t make that many, even when I doubled AND made them small.

WELL, that’s all for now. Next up in my book is Greens, Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce. Really excited for that! Also, while I was on the plane to visit friends in Berkley, CA, and watched a movie called “The Hundred Foot Journey”, about an Indian family that opens a restaurant across from a French Michelin star restaurant in a tiny village in Provence. Then, the son of the Indian family falls in love with the sous-chef from the restaurant across the road. I highly recommend. 🙂 See you later! Happy holidays! A Christmas-cookie post is coming, as well as a Hanukkah one, though it’s a bit late. (SORRY!) Bye for now!

3 thoughts on “Smitten Kitchen Update and Report Card :)

  1. Amy says:

    I’m wondering which of these recipes will stay the freshest when you air mail little tastes to me across the country;) JK. The brioche pretzel sounds too good to be true!

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