My Kitchen Essentials: Part 2

Yes, I know. It’s been 5 days since Part 1. Sheesh, I’m a busy person. Anyway…here’s my Part 2. All of the things I love to have in my fridge/cabinet/pantry. I don’t provide links, ’cause who wants to get cereal shipped to their house? You can find these at most stores. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Fresh produce is not included, because farms depend on where you live BUT always, always, ALWAYS have fresh veggies and fruits in your kitchen. All right, let’s get started. KID KITCHEN ESSENTIALS: PART 2


FIRST OFF: everyone needs these things: flour, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, unsalted butter, vanilla and other extracts, etc.

Section One: Breakfast

  1. Kashi Organic Promise Autumn Wheat Cereal: This is my go-to cereal, because it’s filling, healthy and YUMMY. It has the right amount of sweetness, not too overpowering, but not bitter. It tastes great with some fresh berries!
  2. Barbara’s Organic Honest O’s Cereal Honey Nut: These are like a healthier version of Honey Nut Cheerios, and they are SOOO good. My sister eats them nearly every day.
  3. Golden Grahams Cereal: Ok fine, this is not healthy or organic. It is very sugary. But sometimes, you just need some sugary cereal, ok? Don’t judge. My family gets it on special occasions, or just for fun.
  4. Mu Mu Muesli: My mom LOVES this, and to tell the truth, so do I. This cereal is GREAT. Eat it with yogurt and agave or just milk.
  5. Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Oatmeal: This oatmeal is my favorite. It is pre-sweetened so that is a ton of time saved, plus it has really-good-for-you flax seeds.
  6. Van’s Frozen Waffles: My favorite are the Multi-grain, Original or my all-time favorite, Chocolate-Chip Mini Waffles (heaven). These make a quick and easy breakfast: just pop ’em in your toaster.
  7. Local Milk: I love buying fresh milk from my neighborhood farmer’s market.
  8. Local Maple Syrup: Do me a HUGE favor and please, please, please don’t buy Aunt Jemima’s syrup. It is ruining good food. Kidding, but I find it gross. I also buy this at the farmer’s market.
  9. Local Honey: Once again, buy at the good old FM.
  10. Activia Yogurt: These little babies from Dannon help with your digestion, but I eat them ’cause they taste good.
  11. Fage Yogurt: This is my all-time favorite yogurt that I like to eat with a dollop of jam or honey and granola.
  12. Once Again Nut Butters: A PB and banana sandwich in the morning=love. I like the crunchy kind.
  13. Tazo Teas: I love the Decaf Chai with milk and honey in thew morning, and my mom likes their Zen Tea.
  14. Fresh Eggs: AKA my favorite breakfast, eggs should be local, organic and tasty. I like them scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, soft-boiled and any other way…serve with toast and OJ.
  15. Tropicana Orange Juice: This is a classic, don’t go any other way. My sister likes Original (no pulp), but I like Grovestand (lots of pulp), so we settle on Some Pulp.
  16. Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread Cinnamon Raisin: Yum.
  17. Vermont Bread Company English Muffins: ❤
  18. Fresh Butter: because butter is my existence


  1. Eli’s Farmhouse Sourdough Pullman Bread: Best sandwich bread ever. It tastes sooo good and makes great toast, too.
  2. Fresh Baguette: From a local bakery…heavenly.
  3. Fresh mozzarella: This should be from wherever you can get it locally and good…NEVER use block mozzarella.
  4. Sharp Cheddar
  5. Swiss
  6. Parmesan: this always comes in handy
  7. Quince paste: this tastes awesome with cheese and crackers.
  8. Boar’s Head Honey Maple Turkey: this is so good and you can get it sliced at many markets
  9. Philadelphia Cream Cheese: just ’cause
  10. Lots and lots and lots of cheese: because I love cheese more than anything in the world and I love it so so so much and I would eat cheese at every single meal if I had to. If you can’t tell, I LOVE cheese.


  1. Blue Diamond Nut Thins: These are addicting. Literally.
  2. Blue Diamond Nut Thin Artisan: These are the healthier version of above.
  3. Mary’s Gone Crackers: these are ❤
  4. Sticks ‘n Twigs Pretzels: my friends attack me when I have these in my lunchbox. They are AMAZING!!!!
  5. Sabra Hummus: This is a VERY, VERY good dip for anytime.
  6. Whole Foods Baba Ganoush: This eggplant yumminess is great anytime.
  7. Stacy’s Pita Chips: I love these
  8. Amy’s Kitchen Cheese Pizza Snacks: these are essentially pockets of crust filled with cheese and sauce, but easier to eat than a regular slice. Just pop them in your toaster and heaven is born.
  9. Amy’s Kitchen Bean and Cheese Burrito Snacks: ditto top.
  10. New York Naturals Sea Salt and Vinegar Kale Chips: yummers

DINNER: I am not recommending anything here: dinner is really important family time and you should go with whatever you want. Make sure to eat a balanced meal that has: meat/protein, veggies, wheat and possibly starch. I know that this won’t happen every night, but try for once a week. Sorry, I sound like your parents, don’t I? Fun Idea to make it up to you: try the “Rainbow Diet”. On Monday eat only red food, Tues. only orange, Wed. only yellow, Thurs. only green, and so on…skip blue and pink and purple and all that hard stuff. CONDIMENTS AND OTHER STUFF: 

  1. Heinz Ketchup: ’cause I like traditional.
  2. Hellman’s Mayonnaise: Hey, I’m a loyal chef.
  3. Gray Poupon Dijon Mustard
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  5. Salt and Pepper: duh
  6. LOTS OF SPICES: can’t list ’em all now, but sure you’ve got a lot. You’ll need it.
  7. Vegetable Oil
  8. PAM Spray
  9. Canola Oil

That is pretty much it. If I think of something more, I’ll add it, but for now…keep cooking! 😉

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