How many of you guys go on family vacations in the summer? I certainly do. This summer’s destination: ITALY!! (Probably the food capital of the world.) After getting back, I just wanted to share w/ you guys how amazing it is. I am actually going to publish a collage of pics of the food I ate on the trip, but for now…

Here are some great restaurants if you guys ever happen to be in Italy (:-0):

Rome: Rome is like the motherland of good food. Honestly, I can’t describe how amazing it is. Next to the cigarette smoke (It’s Europe, people, deal with it.), and the pesky garbage piles, Rome is like a treasure trove. In one day, you can travel to 400 B.C., to 500 A.D., to the 1800s, to World War II. It can definitely be a bit overwhelming, but it’s kind of incredible. Signs on the streets advertise pizza, pasta and kebabs (?).  In the Jewish Ghetto, check out the traditional Jewish artichokes: pressed, then deep fried. Here are some restaurants to keep you going.

Best Restaurants: Sora Margherita (Jewish Ghetto) 30, Piazza delle Cinque Scole Recommend: Pasta Cacio e Pepe e Ricotta, Pasta Pomodoro, Flank Steak, Lamb, Artichokes

Cine Caffe (Villa Borghese Park)  1, Largo Marcello Mastroianni Recommend: Buffet lunch

La Gatta Mangiona, 30-32, Via Federico Ozanam, Recommend: Ratatouille Pasta, Pizza Margherita

Tastevere KM0 (look up on googlemaps) Recommend: Cheese and meat platter.

Forno Pizza, 22 Piazza Campo Dè Fiori Recommend: Zucchini Pizza, Potato Pizza

Best Gelaterias: Fior di Luna il Gelato, 96, Via della Lungaretta, Recommend: Melone (Melon), Coffee

Come il Latte Gelato (BEST GELATO EVER!!!!!), 24/26, Via Silvio Spaventa, Recommend: Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Stracciatella. (Note: I am not kidding when I say that they have chocolate running out of faucets that they put in your cone. Then they put the gelato on, and a slather of their homemade cream. You can choose between chocolate, coffee, vanilla or regular cream. Then they take a waffle cookie, dip it in chocolate and put it on top. HEAVEN!)

Tuscany to follow!!!

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