Tricks and Tips

Hi there! This page is a great place to comment your questions, comments, suggestions, requests, ideas or just to say hi. Especially if you follow the blog, I’d love to know what you think.


If you are a newcomer, or an oldcomer, here are some tricks and tips:

To comment: To comment, go to the title of the post. You will see, written in italics to the left a number of comments. If you click, you can write one OR you can click on the post and go to the very bottom.

WHEN COMMENTING: Please leave your name (it can be a screen name), and you MUST fill out your email. Have a website I should check out? Write that too, in the website form.

To follow: 

Always on the lefthand bottom of your screen will be a little box that says “+Follow”. If you click it and enter your email, then you will get an email each time I post! If you have a WordPress account, come to the blog signed in and click “Follow” on the left corner. If you are really confused, write me a comment requesting to follow (I can see your email) and I will do it for you.

Please, please, PLEASE, write comments! It makes me happy. 🙂

I hope you are enjoying your time on Kid Kitchen– be sure to refer to people you think would like it. (Does anyone know Ina Garten personally?? Or Meryl Streep??)


There are some special edition posts called “KK Tips”. Check them out:

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KK Tips: How to Split and Use Vanilla Beans

KK Tips: Tips for Frosting a Layer Cake

KK Tips: How to Cook in a Tiny Kitchen

KK Tips: Yasmine’s Two Cents on Spices

KK Tips: Chocolate on Cookies

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