Q. What got you into cooking?

A. I tried making cookies on my own, and was hooked! I cook multiple times a week.

Q. Do you just bake and make dessert?

A. Absolutely not! I LOVE cooking, especially because it is so easy to invent recipes for cooking, while baking is a chemistry, so it is harder. I try to post lots of savory, but sometimes my cooking experiences are very casual, so I don’t take pictures or write down the recipes.

Q. Are people surprised with you being a kid?

A. All the time. I don’t like that kids aren’t assumed to like to cook! Look at Masterchef Junior!

Q. Are these recipes all tested?

A. Almost all are. If not, they are from a very trusted source, or I have eaten it!

Q. Can I make my own changes?

A. Normally. Make a comment just to be sure. You can add add-ins to baking recipes, but don’t change measurements. Like I said before, baking is a chemistry. Otherwise, feel free to experiment.

Q. Why are you so obsessed with things like Smitten Kitchen, pie and Meryl Streep?

A.  Because I am. Hey, don’t judge.

Q. Can I make recommendations?

A. Always! They are much appreciated.

Q. Are you starting new things?

A. I am always thinking of new things for the site, like Brownie of the Month. (COMING SOON!)

Q. Why don’t you use your name, location or contact info?

A. For my protection, I do not give my name. Contact me via comments.

Q. Why do you sometimes not have photos?

A. Sorry, but I don’t always have time for pictures!

Q. Any equipment recommendations or ingredient recommendations?

A. Check out these posts.

Q. What camera do you use?

A. It really depends. Often it is an iPhone camera, or my phone’s camera. If not, I use my parent’s Nikon.

Q. Do you enjoy writing?

A. I absolutely love writing and I have had my work published in the Parenthetical Literary Magazine and the IndyKids Newspaper.

Q. Can I use your recipe/photo on my site?

A. You can, as long as you say that you got it from Kid Kitchen and link back to the post/site.

Q. Can I share this site?

A: Yes! I would love if you sent this out via email, or any type of social media. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

Q. What is your advice for creating your own recipes?

A: Start slow! Smoothies, pastas and salads are great ways to experiment with inventing recipes. Then, start thinking up marinades, sauces and other techniques. A great way to do this is to combine different recipes or put your own twists on already created ones. When it comes to baking, it is best to build off a recipe. When baking, never change flour, baking soda/powder, egg, milk, butter, sugar or other fundamental ingredient measurements… baking is a science.

Keep Cooking! 😉

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