Mother’s Day Breakfast


Mother’s day is tomorrow, as you may know, and I have decided to not miss the boat on this one, like I did with the holidays, and other important days. A classic mother’s day tradition is to bring your mom breakfast in bed. Pancakes, crepes, blintzes, eggs and more are always a delightful surprise. But if you think about it, it’s not the most logical plan. What with the crumbs, the mess and more, bugs and other unwanted pests can be attracted. But regardless of whether or not you are bringing your mom breakfast, or sitting down with her, here are some fun suggestions:

  • Try your hand at crepes! Use this recipe, and fill it with some super fun toppings! Try some of these: Nutella (my personal favorite) with banana, strawberries, or other fruits; try this fancy sauce from Martha Rose Shulman; fill them with stewed apples and cinnamon; or brie with fruit and walnuts.
  • Make a delightful scramble: mix tarragon, chives, other herbs and parmesan, plus milk, salt and pepper into whisked eggs and scramble over medium heat.
  • Make an omelet!
  • Try making pancakes with fun mix-ins such as berries, nuts, chocolate chips and even granola. (Trust me)
  • Have something for breakfast that she taught you to make? Do it!
  • Cut out the words #1 MOM in a slice of toast with a small paring knife…it’s a small, but thoughtful gesture.
  • Make some smoothies!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! Keep cooking! 😉

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