Tips for Frosting a Layer Cake

 2 Layer Yellow Cake with chocolate frosting   This weekend I baked a 2 Layer Cake (Banana with Chocolate Frosting) for the first time for my cousin’s birthday party. It was a big hit! It turns out baking a layer cake isn’t so scary, in fact, it’s only a little harder than making cupcakes (okay, maybe a lot harder), if you know what you’re doing of course! Here is the web address to this yummy cake that I made:, frosting a layer cake is definitely the hardest part of making it. Here are some tips for frosting:

  1. Make sure your frosting is moist and creamy. I waited too long, so the butter in the frosting started to harden and when I tried to spread it, it just chipped crumbs off of the cake. (Which is really not enjoyable!!!!) If your frosting does get hard, here is a trick: Put the frosting in a small or medium saucepan (depending on how much frosting you have). Add a little evaporated milk (regular milk works fine too) and heat the frosting for about 30 seconds, and stir so it is more liquid-y and creamy. 
  2. When you are frosting the side of a cake, most recipes tell you to frost the top last, but a good trick is to put a glob of frosting on the top of the cake, and smooth it down over the sides.
  3. When frosting a layer cake, never you a knife, or pieces of your cake will come off. Use a spatula instead. Rubber spatulas work fine, but my friend who is a chef told me that in fancy bakeries, they use a metal spatula, that was put under hot water, so the frosting kind of melts onto the cake.
  4. When you smooth down the frosting on a layer cake, make sure that you are using a spatula that is clean, without frosting. (I put my spatula that I had been using to frost the cake, and put it under warm water. Then I wiped it off with a dishtowel.)
  5. When adding the filling (when you frost the top of the bottom cake), make sure your frosting is extra-creamy or the other cake won’t stick. (For tips on making frosting creamy see #1)
  6. Don’t overload! Frosting is great, but make sure you can also taste the cake itself!

  I hope you enjoy your layer cake making! Don’t be afraid to try baking one, it’s super fun!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Tips for Frosting a Layer Cake

  1. Elisa Zonana says:

    I love this blog! It’s fun, engaging and useful. Thanks for the frosting tips. Can’t wait to see what you make next…

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